Impact Stories: Mr. Kissinger

After 15 years in Pinellas County, Mr. Kissinger’s life took a tough turn. He lost his apartment and lived in his car until it, too, was taken away. He hit rock bottom with nowhere to turn and just the clothes on his back. He found a spark of hope at Safe Harbor, which led him to Pinellas Hope. Surrounded by others in similar situations, he received meals, a place to sleep, and help rebuilding his life for eight months. But Mr. Kissinger was aiming for a stable future. With Pinellas Hope’s guidance, he contacted Volunteers of America of Florida and…

Impact Stories: Walter

From a work injury to homelessness and battling substance abuse, Walter’s path to Innovare waschallenging. Yet, his resilience and five-year sobriety journey led him to become the very first resident ofInnovare. Innovare offers Walter a chance for growth – from aspirations to regain his driver’s license to rebuilding independence and crafting a future once deemed unreachable. With direct care services and a nurturing community,Walter isn’t just surviving; he’s filled with hope. Walter’s story symbolizes Innovare’s essence: a place where second chances are real.

Impact Stories: Vince

Vince, a veteran, has recently transitioned from Volunteers of America of Florida (VOAFL) Punta Gorda ‘s Veterans Village Transitional Housing to a permanent home. Unfortunately, Vince was forced to leave his previous home after his friend, whom he had been trying to assist, refused to vacate or contribute to rent payments. Despite Vince’s best efforts, he had to give up his previous housing. Vince’s time at the VOAFL Punta Gorda Veterans Village was marked by more than just his personal growth and development. Vince found a unique way to give back to the community. He began refurbishing old, discarded bicycles…

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